Ard Matthews Hits Us Up before Capital Craft

I mean…what would a beer fest be without music? Also…what would music be without a little bit of Jinger. It seems appropriate then that at Capital Craft we’ll be hearing from Ard Matthews. Naturally, I got hold of him to discuss the scene, tea and, of course, beer!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Lekker Ard. Thanks for joining us! So many artists who have been part of successful bands and go solo tend to not do that great but here you are, having released a single and hitting iTunes’ top 10 in a week. What’s the secret? I see you even got props from Colin Sher!

Ard Matthews (AM): *laughs* There is no formula or I woulda applied it long time ago to everything I do. I guess it might a ‘right time, right place’ kinda thing as I have a feeling people are more open and ready to listen to music with some purpose again. Let’s hope so anyway *winks*

RC: I always love asking the older artists who have been on the scene a long time how it is as a bona fide adult on the scene. As a kid making music and touring is exciting and obviously cool but then at some point, getting old and wanting to settle down may be a tad difficult. How do you manage your touring, performing and general adulting?

AM:  Who you calling older? *laughs* Kidding. The beautiful thing about music and performing music is that you can literally keep going till you simply decide you don’t want to. Being a homeowner has certainly helped keep things real and provided a good drive to keep going. Unfortunately my bank manager does not accept sing song as payment for my bond.

RC: With the rise of social media, how has the industry changed since you started music? Is it a blessing or a curse or just a thing?

AM: I think we live in the best time to be doing what we love. It woulda been so cool to have what we have now in the 90’s ‘n stuff. We certainly woulda had a lot more likes and follows than we do now. We, in a time where creativity and imagination, are our only limitations to getting heard. Young bands and artists should be obsessing on creating cool engaging content to help set them apart.

RC: I had a drink at your coffee place in Umhlanga just over 2 years ago but going by the internet, it seems it went away. What business ventures are you focusing on now?

Photo Credit: Josie Borain

AM: *smiles* That’s so cool man. Not exactly too sure how I got in to that idea but I am focusing completely on music now ’cause I still have a lot to say and prove so I don’t want to distract myself just yet *winks*.

RC: Beer fests are relatively new to SA and I bet you never thought you’d be playing one when you started out…but you’re a smart guy with a habit of looking into the future and working around that. What kind of things will we be festivalling around in the next 10 years? 

AM: I’m only as smart as the collection of learnings I’ve made from the many mistakes I’ve made in my life. I think that tech free/fast kinda festivals will be in high demand in the future.  An event where people can get away from their devices and spend some time being reminded of the present. how mad would that be huh?

RC: And now, for the question that’s going to get you into trouble…which beer are you most keen on tasting?

AM: I prefer lager myself so will be sure to sample as much as I can before I head off to my next show that day.

RC: Lekker Ard, we’ll look forward to having a beer with you! Check you there!

AM: See you there!

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