Happy Birthday Richard Chemaly:

It is not often that we celebrate a day like today, in-fact, it only comes once a year! A day when we give thanks for the eccentric fly in our musical soup, the leb in our back seat, the law man of Ponte Towers and Bloemfontein: Richard Chemaly.

While Richard needs no further accolades other than the ones he has managed to create and build for himself throughout his unique law, business and media career, I felt that it would be entertaining (for me) to hear what some of his friends here at Milled thought of dear old Chem.

Richard ChemalyTo Chem, With Love Michalene Theron:

What can I say about Richard Chemaly?

I met Richard while eating pizza at Panarottis with a bunch of friends back in 2007.

They knew him from school, and he decided to come say hello, being the social butterfly that he is. Fast forward to 2008; he is back in my life, this time as a friend of my cousin, both studying law and drinking too much (first year, you know). My cousin lived in the flat on our property, so Chem made an appearance quite often, and declared to my mom that he’s going to marry me one day. We have been “engaged” ever since.

We have been “engaged” ever since.

From beers at Traumerei on the Kovsie campus and bumping into each other in Mystic, to conversations about hipsters at Yours Truly and videos about lying (see here) in my flat in Cape Town. Chem has always had my back, and I know that he’s always somewhere out there if I need to press on his button. Nowadays we’re both in happy relationships with other people, and we’ll probably never really get married, but he will forever be my fiance, and I really hope that we’ll get to share an OppiKoppi before it all ends. – With love, Michalene.

The Gentleman Chem, By Etienne Grobler:

Who is this man known as Richard Anthony Chemaly

He is known as a man with many faces, opinions and ideas.

He is THAT GUY you’ve seen on the TV deliberating on legal matters with someone that knows less than him.

The smooth voice on the radio, informing you on new happenings in the entertainment world and such.

The guy you give a call when you have a legal matter that you’re not sure is indeed a legal matter and the blogger that seems to be invited to just about every drink festival in the country.

From selfies in Lebanon, to foodie-esq pictures from his kitchen, I can tell you this: Chem is definitely a character, a scholar and a gentleman (mostly) that even Emma Watson would acknowledge. – Good on you mate, Et.

A Friend, by Jason Lume:

Richard Chemaly is a great many things. He is a leader. A forward thinker. A pioneer. A friend.

But what makes Chem truly special is his ability to find joy in anything. And it come across in his writing, no article is a boring article. He is able to find and connect with the root issue, and frame it in a way that it all doesn’t seem so lost (even though it often does).

We are very lucky to have a writer like Chem as a part of our family here, at Milled. But we are even more lucky to have a friend like him.

He’s also the best thing to ever happen to ANN7! – Jason

Chem, the Ponte Oddity, by Brett Magill:

Like my friend’s before me, we each have been able find an interesting story about our dear hairy friend.

Stories of how we met Rich, how he enriched our lives, how he helped us out when we were in a rut or how he got us into more crap, but got us out of it at the end of the day.

To me, Richard will always be a friend, someone who trusted me and believed in me when many others didn’t, a dude’s dude, an experienced and talented Lawyer and a skillful and crafty content creator.

He welcomed me into the weird world of Ponte Tower, and showed me how to enjoy the sax, while not taking life too seriously, you battled me on many a crafty beer drinking occasion and you made music interviews fun and exciting!

Richard will always be the leb in the back seat of my car, and so much more; my friend. To you and to many years more!

Happy Birthday Chem! Love, everyone else!

Richard Chemaly’s Latest Video, circa 2012: 

What do you think?

Written by Brett Magill


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