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It’s Hamman Time…and Park Acoustics Time…Getting Down with Nick!

Every now and then you get a pretty chilled out oke coming out of Cape Town to do some big things throughout South Africa. One such oke is this Nick oke who is suck a lekker oke! This oke broadcasts on 5fm but uses his power to help some other okes in pretty creative ways. From one oke to another oke, I chatted with this oke and discovered what instrument he’s keen on learning, rule breaking and what he’d do if he could use his powers for evil.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Look. Sorry to get started on such a serious issue but…Now that Catz Pyjamas has moved, where do you hang out?

Nick Hamman (NH): Outside the former venue, with placards, protesting. I’ll be there until they re-open.

RC: I love the work you do for for the people. On HammanTime, you’re doing cool work with Reach for a Dream and a couple of years ago you took a walk. Is there anything that you do that can’t be turned into something good for the people?

NH: Thank you! We are always trying to create content that impacts people’s live. I dunno, I’m pretty sure there are a few people on twitter who would like to let me know they think I do the opposite.

RC: Clearly, being on radio has opened doors which may otherwise have been closed off for you and you use your powers for good. If you were tasked with using your powers for evil though…what would be the first sin you satisfy?

NH: I would commit mass carbicide. I’m banting at the moment and haven’t indulged in anything devilishly devilishly delicious in too long!

RC: Also, being on commercial radio is pretty limiting in what you can play on the airwaves. I sometimes try sneak some AMG or Satanic Dagga Orgy onto my playlist but never with any success. With less limitations in a live gig, what track do you throw in there that you also wish you could play on air?

NH: I’ve been quite sneaky on air a few times and pushed music that probably isn’t ‘format’, I’m always willing to break the rules for something I believe, particularly local music. The one thing I get to do at gigs though is play my own music. I’ve yet to sneak any of that on air… yet.

RC: You’re a rare breed of radio presenter; the kind that also DJs and played in bands once upon a time. Clearly well versed in various instrumentation. If there was another instrument you wished to learn, it would be…?

NH: The Harp. I think it’s one of the top 5 most bad-ass instruments in existence.

RC: Looking forward to your set! Keep on rocking!

NH: Thank you. you keep rocking!

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