Adelle Nqeto talks about Creativity and Lights

Adelle Nqeto Opens up on her Music Career:

I had the pleasure of first listening to Adelle Nqeto very recently, I felt her music and sound emotionally touching, inspiring and empowering.

Brett Magill (BM): I hoped we could chat a bit about the details of your career so far and what your fans can expect from this creative fire that is Adelle Nqeto and so everyone has an idea of what they can enjoy during Blood Brothers 2018.

Can you describe the moment when you decided to make the life choice to jump from being a simple songwriter and singer to begin creating the blossoming musical collection you have today?

Adelle Nqeto: I can’t really say it was a particular moment, it’s been gradual. I’ve always wanted to share music with people and not be the only person on stage, so the band has happened quite organically, and it still changes constantly. It’s amazing to know and work with such an incredible pool of musicians.

Adelle Nqeto Announces Plans for a National Tour:

Adelle Nqeto

Blood Brothers photo by Andre Badenhorst of Adelle Nqeto

BM: I want to talk about Lights, but you’ve said a lot about it, I also wanted to talk about your creative process in inventing new ideas and compositions, but, when haven’t you been asked about that, so why not tell me about the tour, I know you’ve got plans, big plans! So what is the Lights tour include and what are you trying to do with the Lights message?

Adelle Nqeto: We just completed our first European Tour, which was incredible. It was our attempt at dipping our toes and sharing “Lights” and the newer stuff with a broader audience.

The plan is to follow that tour up with a National Tour; which will also be my first. We’ll be collaborating with Urban Village on this tour. I realize that so many people haven’t heard us play here at home, and also we’d like to explore and see what there is in terms of venues and spaces to play in South Africa and be part of creating a touring circuit. So we’ll be reaching out to smaller places, not just major cities.

BM: Is there any chance that we can expect a reunion album or performance with Josh Pretorius as Flint Meet Spark again in the future? Looking back, The Way I Remember You, also has the emotion that I feel is fast becoming your personal musical signature.

Adelle Nqeto: I won’t say never, but I honestly don’t see anything like that coming up in the near future. Josh and I are both quite invested and passionate about the different projects we’re involved in now. You’re quite right about “The Way I Remember You”; I wrote that during quite a tumultuous time, and my songs often come from a place of trying to make peace with difficult situations. The newer stuff I’m working on is taking a bit of a different turn, but I think the emotion will always play a strong part in my music.

the emotion will always play a strong part in my music.

BM: Blood Brothers is definitely a different kind of show to what I’ve experienced in the past, at its core; something that matters more I think, what are you expecting at your performance at Blood Brothers 2018?

Adelle Nqeto

Adelle Nqeto


Adelle Nqeto: I expect to learn a lot from the musicians I get to do this with; it’s really a privilege. I’m glad to be part of something that can have ANY impact outside of myself, and this cause is something I’ll gladly get behind.

I also think people will get to see me in a new light; so I’m really looking forward to participating and watching the whole thing unfold.

Adelle Nqeto mentions New Music Coming soon!

BM: I know it’s not like we weird creatives to think too far ahead of our process, but how are you ending 2018, where are you going and what’s next? Lay it on me!

Adelle Nqeto: It’s still a little vague, but at the very least I hope to end the year off with people I love. I also have some new music in the works!

BM: It wouldn’t be a chat with Milled if I didn’t ask you the most important question of all! What’s your chill-down after show or pre-show beverage?

Adelle Nqeto: Pre-show is whiskey or tea,  after-show varies, Wine, mostly.

For me, Adelle is going to be one of my favourite performances at this year’s Blood Brothers 2018, and one of the most emotionally exciting. I personally cannot wait to see what Adelle Nqeto brings to her performance and what breathtaking new work we have to ennjoy in the next few months.

Join Adelle Nqeto at Blood Brothers 2018:

I wouldn’t want you to miss Adelle or any of the other amazing performances happening at this year’s Blood Brothers 2018 #UniteTen.

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Blood Brothers Cape Town:

Date: Saturday, 22 September 2018
Venue: Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town

Time: 19h00
Tickets: R180

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Blood Brothers Pretoria:

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018
Venue: Platteland, Centurion, Pretoria

Time: 19h00
Tickets: R180

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Blood Brothers 2018