Watch the Hellcats Rocking at Blood Brothers 2018

The Hellcats talk Oppikoppi Nomakanjani 2018:

The Hellcats have fast become a rock festival staple in South African rock and metal music during 2018. The two-piece band of Alessandro Benigno (Drums and Vocals) and Warwick Rautenbach (Guitar) can be seen at most festivals or concerts where hard rock is concerned.

This month, we got to speak to the guys about their experience so far and their energy before Blood Brothers 2018. *Warning, the following does contain swearing.

Brett Magill (BM): It’s amazing to think that we go back a few years now days don’t we guys! It’s also amazing how many shows I enjoy that you guys end up performing at. The most recent of these has of course been Oppikoppi Nomakanjani, which this year I missed again, so let’s start there.

How was Oppi this year? I your own words, can you describe the experience of your performance, the crowd and the rest of the show this year?

Warwick Rautenbach: Koppi was magical this year man. There really was something special in the air.

A lot smaller than previous years, a lot more integrated and a lot more intimate; I loved it. It really made me sad to see all the haters slagging it off online, because it was my favorite Koppi EVER. I suppose because it’s such a personal festival for people, they take change personally, but change is good and people need to embrace that shit, you know?

As far as Hellcats’ performance goes, holy fucking shit; we had some fun man.

I was all nerves the day of the performance, partly because of my gigantic hangover from Friday and partly because we’d heard a lot of hype about the top bar and people were saying that it was gonna be the show of our lives! So a lot of pre-show jitters.

That being said, when we got on stage, all that shit disappeared and the warm glow of the crowd set us right; the energy was palpable. People had been waiting at the front for an hour and it was packed. We had initially prepared a set which had some ‘slow’ jams but we chucked that shit out hours before the show and decided to go for something harder and faster.

Thank fuck for that because the energy of the whole show was: mosh-pits/stage dives/crowd surfing (my first time ever)/drinking funnels on stage and just all the mayhem which you crave from a rock show.

We also bought 600 glow sticks which we threw out into the crowd and which got thrown back onto the thatch roof of the top bar leaving it with a blanket of neon looking over us; it was fucking beautiful! The crowd was definitely one of the funnest crowds we’ve played to, so thank you to all those fuckers that allowed us to have the time of our lives.

thank you to all those fuckers that allowed us to have the time of our lives

Hellcats Album Coming Soon!

BM: I’ve saved and listened to everything from a Coffin full of B-Slides to a Coffin full of Hellcats Volume 4 since they first dropped, what feels, like ages ago, guys, when are we going to get a dedicated Hellcat Album, something with more epic artwork and lyrics we can sing to, and solos we can jam with?

Hellcats Warwick Rautenbach

Hellcats Warwick Rautenbach


Warrick Rautenbach: We released a full B-sides album on Bandcamp at the end of last year, you greedy fucker – hahaha. But ja, we know its time for some newish, we’ve actually been sitting on a full album worth of tracks since the beginning of the year, but to be honest, we just have not had the fuckin time to get into the studio.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster. We are however heading into the studio next month. Songs ready and good to go; it’s a

collection of some proper bangers and also a surprise or two.

So we’ll hopefully have something out in time for peoples summer holidays so they can pass out drunk in the sun to some filthy rock n roll.

Blood Brothers 2018 and Hellcats:

BM: Blood Brothers 2018 is here, and it feels perfect for a duo like you two, but I don’t want to talk about what you’re bringing this year, I know what you’re bringing! Tell me what you’re most excited for this year, what’s getting your boxers rocking?

Warrick Rautenbach: Personally I’m very excited for Adelle Nqeto, she really is one of the greatest talents we have in South Africa and I think she’s going to provide the soul to this Blood Brother Beast this year.

That being said, the track list this year is proper fuckin rock n roll and we really do have the best and biggest names on the bill. It’s an insane line-up and if we weren’t on the bill this year, we would be losing our shit in the crowd for sure. Tickets are flying, so if you’re smart, you’d get your arse into gear and get some. Be smart, man!

Hellcats Ending 2018:


Hallcats Allesandro Benigno

Hallcats Allesandro Benigno

BM: It’s almost time for the end of the year festivals to roll in, so tell me, what are you guys hoping to jam at? Are you going to swing by Smoking Dragon for a session?


Warrick Rautenbach: We are actually not taking on any more shows or festivals (other than what we have booked already), for the rest of the year. We really are hell-bent on getting this album done.

We do have a couple of BIG shows coming up in the next while: Blood Brothers (obvs !), Park Acoustics with BOO!, Fuzigish and the Narrow, and we’re playing Halloween 2018 in Pretoria which we’re super amped about.

Other than that we’ll be playing small, intimate gigs to our dogs, cats, and wives at home in our underpants (sorry for them).

Join the Hellcats at Blood Brothers 2018:

I’m excited to get the chance to watch The Hellcats perform musical sex on stage at Blood Brothers 2018 #UniteTen.

Our rock and music heroes come together again with The Vrede Foundation, to succeed in their quest to generate awareness regarding cancer and raise funds to provide financial aid to young South Africans with cancer.

Unite with the multitude of warriors, and buy your tickets TODAY! #BB2018 #TenUnite

Blood Brothers Cape Town:

Date: Saturday, 22 September 2018
Venue: Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town

Time: 19h00
Tickets: R180

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Blood Brothers Pretoria:

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018
Venue: Platteland, Centurion, Pretoria

Time: 19h00
Tickets: R180

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Blood Brothers 2018