TIMO ODV on his New Releases

TIMO ODV on We Get Ravey:

Ol’ Timo has been producing some good stuff over time and for some reason, he likes to release in September. With two new tracks out, We Get Ravey and Feel Your Love, I had to just ask him about them…and while I had his attention.

TIMO ODV New Releases:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Right on Timo! Congrats on the new drops. Last time we spoke, you mentioned that as an artist, you want to expose people to new things all the time. Is there anything, in particular, you were keen to expose people to with the two new tracks?

TiMO ODV (TO): I’m always trying to find the best balance between exposing people to new sounds but at the same time not trying to put it too far out of their reach and to me We Get Ravey accomplishes that.

I knew that We Get Ravey would be too edgy/clubby for a lot of stations…

RC: Dropping two tracks simultaneously is hardly done of late. What inspired the notion and, obviously I must ask, which is your favourite?

TO: We Get Ravey is definitely my favorite. I knew that We Get Ravey would be too edgy/clubby for a lot of stations to play to their audiences, so instead of just giving one track I gave both. Something for everyone I guess.

RC: Typically, I’d ask if you feel pressure to make something bigger than your previous hit with these tracks. However, last time we spoke and I canvassed the subject, you mentioned that you realized that to make something good, you can’t put pressure on yourself and that you were perfectly okay with never making a big song again as long as you love what you’re making. How was the process of making these tracks?

RC: We Get Ravey just came about from me sitting down saying ‘Okay I’m gonna just keep trying to make something til I like it!’. So I sat down, made a whole bunch of different songs and one of them finally evolved into We Get Ravey. I still stick with the same mindset: I believe art that tries too hard to be a successful product will usually fail because once your focus is selling, then it’s not art, it’s just a product.

RC: You do seem to have ambitions for your music even if it is for drunk people to chant your tune. What’s your hopes with these two?

TO: *laughs* Just that! When I am making a song I constantly ask myself “How would I react to this in a club if I wasn’t the DJ and I was standing in front?” So spot on!

RC: Mastering a track takes forever! Other than the love for music and art, what keeps you awake?

TO: Lately, a lot of photography and fashion to be honest. Instead of wasting my life playing games for half of my day when taking a break from music, I decided to take up some new hobbies.

RC: It just dawned on me that Origins dropped in September 2016, Move dropped in September 2017 and now these two…sooo like, are you a Leo?

TO: *laughs* Not at all, I actually can’t even understand this pattern myself! Maybe I just work better in winter when I get ready for summer.

RC: Looking forward to seeing what these tracks do and what’s to come in September 2019, rock on Timo!

TO: Thank you!