Deity’s Muse Show at Krank’d Up 2018

Deity’s Muse Joins Krank’d Up 2018 Line-up:

South African melodic hard rock band; Deity’s Muse is an absolute juggernaut when it comes to live performances and has featured on every major South African rock music festival!

We had a second to take a few beats and catch up with Deity’s Muse before their performances at Krank’d Up 2018.

Seventh Version of Deity’s Muse:

Brett Magill (BM): It’s weird that we’ve not spoken, I think ever, I know most of the guys in Deity’s Muse personally, how have we never spoken! But seriously, I’ve been stalking your band for better part of eight years, and it looks like you guys have recently had a few new faces to the band, so who is currently rocking under the Deity’s Muse banner?

We have a new guitarist now…

Wayne Boucher: This is now the seventh version of Deity’s Muse. It’s crazy! We have a new guitarist now. He joined us two months before our recent UK tour.

Yokim, our former guitarist, was with us for four years and his last show with us took place in May when we opened for Seether. Our current lineup is me on vocals and guitar, Sashan Pillay on drums, Alvin Boucher on bass and backing vocals and Kyle Engelsman on guitar and backing vocals.


Deity’s Muse Album, Convergence:

BM: Your new album: Convergence, was played on repeat this past week; the music in this album in a word is amazing, I feel it’s a heart-pumping blend of electric strings and smooth vocals.

In your words, what were you trying to say with Convergence that you didn’t with New Trends in Slavery or The Eyes Don’t See What the Heart Bleeds?

Alvin Boucher: Maturity. I think we have all been evolving individually in the band and in a sense “growing up”.

We didn’t exactly have a foresight into what we wanted the album to sound like and with Clint from Dead Letter Circus producing the album we knew we’d have to be open to positive changes. I think the main thing I have personally reminded myself about tracking the Convergence was “Simplify & Embrace”.   

Deity's Muse Bloodstock Open Air

Deity’s Muse Bloodstock Open Air

We’re never looking to write the same song twice…

Wayne Boucher: We wanted Convergence to be more layered. So we added a second guitarist to the mix. Our previous albums were all recorded when we were still a three-piece, and the music in those albums certainly reflects that.

We’ve got a new dimension going now and we’ve upped our game in the songwriting department with Convergence, I feel. This album has opened so many doors into the international touring market for us.

Lyrically and musically we’re a band that is always seeking progression. It should be natural for the sound to evolve while we evolve as individuals. We’re never looking to write the same song twice.

Diety’s Muse at Bloodstock Open Air:

BM: I know people love to ask Metal bands about the current state of rock in South Africa, but I want to know about your international track record, I hear you’ve recently come back from an international tour, tell me more about it, how did the world react to the energy that is Deity’s Muse?

Alvin Boucher: This was our third trip overseas as a band and it was the closest to a “proper” tour yet; having five club shows around the UK and finishing off at Bloodstock Open Air.

Deity's Muse Bloodstock Open Air

Deity’s Muse Bloodstock Open Air

I guess I noticed the immense talent the band offered. Not just their stage presence but their professional and humble attitudes as well. Always supporting, friendly and curious nature, it’s refreshing to be part of shows where every band is into the other bands set and we all supported each other.

Wayne Boucher: The reaction from the international audience has been great. In Europe, it seems that music is primary and the party is secondary. We were pretty overwhelmed by the great response we received at our London show and at Bloodstock festival. We’ll definitely keep going back as much as possible.

Deity’s Muse Returns to Krank’d Up 2018:

BM: It’s getting so close to this year’s premier metal and rock festival; Krank’d Up Fest 2018! Tell me, you guys have been a regular at the show, how would you say the fest has changed and evolved over the years and what do you think it stands for now? Deity's Muse Krank'd Up Fest 2018

Wayne Boucher: This will be our first appearance at Krank’d Up after quite some time. The last time we played this festival was back in 2015. The festival has just kept growing in leaps and bounds.

What I love about Krank’d Up is the variety of South African bands on display, there’s always something for everyone. As far as the international bands are concerned I think Krank’d Up offers something a little left-of-center when compared to other festivals in South Africa.

It’s for music fans of discerning tastes, no one else is offering some of the world’s finest current progressive and metal acts on one bill. The local lineup is always exciting as there’s always a vast majority of talented SA bands on the bill who often get overlooked by other festivals. Krank’d Up is certainly for people who have come here purely for the music and not the piss up.

Deity’s Muse’s Favourite Acts:

BM: On Krank’d Up Fest, who are you guys most looking forward to hearing, local or international, doesn’t matter.

Alvin Boucher: Sikth mainly for me. Their most recent album was my album of the year in 2017 and I really need to watch them perform some of the songs live on stage.

Locally? Most of the local acts hahaha! There is so much talent on the bill this year but if I have to name a few, Truth & Its Burden, Only Forever (emotional last show), Dirty Moonshine, Riddlebreak, and KOI to name a few.   

Sikth: Vivid:

New Material Coming Soon!

BM: Speaking of your album, what’s the next step for all of you this year, anything new coming? Or are you closing down post-Krank’d Up Fest 2018?

Alvin Boucher: We will be taking a break from performing in order to write new material.

Wayne Boucher: Indubitably! We’re going to lock ourselves away in the band room and begin writing for the next release. Our plan is to tour overseas more in 2019 than we did in 2018 and some new music will definitely help facilitate that.

Suicide Girls, Beer Snobbing and Promises to Keep!

If I was in the crowd and you all got thirsty, what beverage could I get the local Suicide Girl to bring you all? 

Alvin Boucher: Heineken Draught. Thank you. Appreciate it. Can’t wait for the Heineken Draught you’ve just promised.

Wayne Boucher: I’m an absolute beer snob. So please bring me a Devil’s Peak Pale Ale, Agar’s Black Mamba Stout or a CBC Imperial IPA. Ag shot, boet!

Join Deity’s Muse at Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

Join the guys from Milled and Deity’s Muse at this year’s Krank’d Up Fest 2018! Get your tickets and don’t miss out on this killer line up from around the world!

Krank’d Up is a one day annual music festival which takes place on the last Saturday of September in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Geared towards the discerning music fan of alternative tastes and a desire for an unforgettable time, the festival boasts an astounding array of international and local rock and metal talent.

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Krank'd Up Fest 2018