Welcoming Sébastien Léger to South Africa for It’s Personal Picnic

Sébastien Léger goes to Personal Picnic:

Tomorrow we’ll be partying at Its Personal Picnic and when I found out that Sébastien Léger will be there, I had some questions…a few actually. We find out about his background, time in South Africa and, of course, how he’s taste has transitioned.

Sébastien Léger in South Africa:

Richard Chemaly (RC) Welcome back to South Africa! You’ve come over more often than most artists, what do you love so much about us that keeps pulling you back?

Sébastien Léger (SL): I’ve been to SA only two times in my entire career, not sure we can call that “often”. But last time I was there I had much fun in Cape Town and ended up in a safari trip around Durban where I could see some zebras and a rhino from very very, very close.

RC: That being said, it is your first time in Johannesburg. What are you looking forward to doing in our City of Gold?

SL: I, unfortunately, do not stay longer than 24 hours, same as Cape Town, which is pretty much the usual time I spend in one country/city, so I won’t have much time to do anything but play music, which is the very first reason I’m coming anyway *smiles*

Finding the Energy to be Sébastien Léger:

RC: It’s been about two decades of producing, remixing and releasing. Where does the energy come from?

SL: Making music is in me, and love to discover new vibes and sound all the time, it keeps the whole process interesting, I can’t stay on one style for too long or I’ll be bored. And the people who follow me would certainly be bored too. I’m from a professional musicians family, it’s just there, forever!

RC: Since you’ve got all this experience in the field, could you give us your top 3 tips for festival survival?


1: Don’t bring your latest brand new fancy shoes, it might get muddy.

2: If you want to survive in there (or pretty much anywhere), don’t take drugs and avoid drinking.

3: At the festivals, can be a long day. Wear comfortable clothes, seat when you’re tired, drink water when you’re thirsty.

RC: You’re on record for believing that techno is basically everything. What are your feelings towards futurebass?

SL: Basically I do not like techno at all (anymore). The style these days is nothing new, have no soul, cold and pretty aggressive. I don’t know what future bass is, but I’m sure I’ll like it more than techno. By the way: I love house music.

RC: Since you’ve collaborated with so many artists, who is still on your list of artists you’d like to work with?

SL: Michael Jackson. But it’s too late. I think Maceo Plex is the best producer out there, even thou, ironically, he plays way to techno now (at least for me). In general, I’d prefer to work with artists that are not in the same league or genre as mine.

RC: We’re big fans of your filthy electric remixes and I have your Beautiful People mix jamming in my car playlist at the moment. When can we get more of that pretty please?

SL: Never.

Sébastien Léger: “See you on the floor!”

RC: And now…the ultimate question on all our lips; how high were you when you made “Word”?

SL: As I don’t drink alcohol either, or take drugs, we (Chris Lake & I) were just having fun and jamming in the studio. But this is 12 years ago, I’d rather speak about whats happening now, the sound of now, than looking back in the past. It must stay there.

RC: Thanks Sébastien. Looking forward to your set!

SL: See you on the floor!