SikTh at Krank’d Up Fest 2018

SikTh talks about Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

Etienne Grobler and Dan Weller, SikTh:

Etienne Grobler had the chance to chat with Dan Weller, of SikTh about their style, performance and their coming show at Krank’d Up Fest 2018.

Etienne Grobler (EG): First of all, I would personally like to thank you guys for the key role you played in the development of Djent as we know it today. People like you guys give me hope that there will still be proper music for future generations in this present “loop” driven culture.

Dan Weller: Thank you! We wrote our music to last so it’s great to know that it had some influence.

SikTh: Philistine Philosophies

The SikTh Hiatus and Reunion:

EG: It has been a rocky road from when you formed in 1999, what were you keeping yourself busy with whilst on hiatus for close to 5 years?

Dan Weller: Hiatus was more like 7 years; it seemed to fly. We were all off doing other things, didn’t really see each other at all. I was producing records and making a career in that world. Everyone was in music in some way.

We literally don’t listen to most modern metal

EG: After Sikth reunited, did you guys find that it was easier to evolve into what we now know as “The Future in Whose Eyes?

Dan Weller: We just carried on from where we left off. Same ethos, the same influences. We just came back with what we do. We literally don’t listen to most modern metal and thus don’t really take influence. Some would say we’re stuck in our ways but we prefer to have our own blueprint and work within it.

EG: Now that you are entering the wild wild soil of South Africa, other than melting faces at Krank’d Up 2018, what are you guys most looking forward to?

Dan Weller: Meeting people, new friendships, watching some local bands. Travel is always a pleasure for us and it’s something we never take for granted. We’re looking forward to getting out of the city and seeing some of the country.

SikTh on Popular Music:

…creativity in metal has been widely stunted.

Etienne Grobler: I’m curious, obviously you guys put in a monstrous effort to create top quality songs and musical masterpieces, what I really want to know is your thoughts on the state of things as far as popular music is concerned?

Dan Weller: I couldn’t possibly give an answer in a concise form. Music is being listened to by more people than ever before; it’s a great time to be creative.

The problem is; as with all industries, you’ll have even more quality, yet even more averageness. In my view, many styles of music have evolved, but metal hasn’t. If anything metal has gone backwards. We’re in a ‘pro-tools insta’ era of metal. Don’t get me wrong, I use both of the above but it seems that creativity in metal has been widely stunted. Not really sure why.

SikTh at Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

EG: First time on South African shores, is there anything special planned for us or anything we can mentally and physically prepare for?

Dan Weller: We’re playing more songs in our repertoire than we ever have at the moment. So we’ll be dropping in lots of oldies and newies! 🙂

EG: Lastly, this is a fun one; who is your least disliked Hip Hopper (that one you can stomach but will never admit to anyone)?

Now, if he/she were to be involved in a death match with Jimmy Carr (please note that this fight is only fought with words), who would emerge victoriously?

Dan Weller: Strange. Will Smith; though his wit would be destroyed by Jimmy Carr.


Sikth 2015. Tina Korhonen 2015.

Join SikTh at Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

Join the guys from Milled and SikTh at this year’s Krank’d Up Fest 2018! Get your tickets and don’t miss out on this killer line up from around the world!

Krank’d Up is a one-day annual music festival which takes place on the last Saturday of September in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Geared towards the discerning music fan of alternative tastes and a desire for an unforgettable time, the festival boasts an astounding array of international and local rock and metal talent.

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Krank'd Up Fest 2018