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Gerald Clark Will Be on the Blues Cruise and We Had Some Questions

Gerald Clark on the Blues Cruise:

We’re keen to head to sea and it evokes a ton of questions I had to aim at Gerald Clark. How does he keep his teeth so white? Would he rock board shorts or speedos? Will he get fat on the buffet?

Richard Chemaly (RC): Gerald, it’s been too long. Last we spoke you had just come off the Afroboer tour. Now instead of the road, you’ll be touring the seas. How does that change things?

Gerald Clark (GC): I’m gonna have to take pills for seasickness!

RC: You do get around! Asking you where your favourite place is would be unfair but do share a cool story or two from your travels.

GC: I Played some epic shows on an island in the Okavango Delta and Zambezi River. Also played the most beautiful venue I’ve ever played here in Outjo, Namibia. A natural amphitheater in the mountains here. Was being transported to the venue in the Okavango on a makoro while Andra was playing. Was really nice!

RC: I’ve been on the road for a couple of days at a time and I know how it causes routine to fly out the window. You’ve been on the road for months at a time yet you maintain exquisite teeth. How do you remember to brush your teeth on the daily?

GC: *Laughs* I’ve got toothbrushes stashed everywhere!

RC: Speaking of routine, what’s going to be the greatest thing about playing a ship? It’s the buffet, right?

GC: Mmm… now that you mention it, I think the best thing will be not to go overboard. Get it? *laughs*!

RC: Blues Cruise is probably something that wouldn’t have attracted enough interest 10 years ago. Do you also notice a tremendous rise in South African blues? To what do you attribute it?

GC: Well organised showcases of the genre.

RC: Finally, and most importantly, since you’ll be at sea. Speedo or Boardshorts?

GC: Speedo baby, yeah!

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