Haezer Returns for Halloween 2018

Haezer’s Monkey gets Used in Church!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Right! Dude! Let’s get straight to the serious stuff. Has anybody with bad spelling abilities offered to take you to church yet? (If needing an explanation, it’s a play on Hozier’s song)

Haezer: No, but Hillsong did use my song ‘Monkey’ without my permission at their church services worldwide. They even made a dance to it. Google that shit, it’s hilarious!

We Found it: Monkey by Haezer:

it’s not helluva important to me…

RC: You’ve ranked in DJ mag pretty high. Professionally, that’s pretty important for a person’s career but how important is it for you personally?

Haezer: For me, it’s always been about giving people a good time. Being ranked as a DJ is important for your confidence and a bit of affirmation, but it’s not helluva important to me.

Listen to Haezer now:

Haezer Says No to Drugs:

RC: Despite ranking high, you’ve been on record claiming that you don’t get high. We’ve all seen the videos of Guetta off his face and heard the stories of DJ life. Is it tough to turn down the drug scene, especially when you’re starting out?

Haezer: I tried weed in high school and it completely messed me up, so I made a decision never to feel like that again. Since then I haven’t touched any drugs and was never tempted to. When I started out I definitely drank too much tho; alcohol is a drug, so you can say I over-did it with ‘drugs’ when I started out I guess.


Haezer on Tour:

RC: Having been around the world like you have, how do you remember to brush your teeth when your agenda is so disrupted?

Haezer: You find a pattern. I’ve found the more you do, the more time you make to do stuff. Touring keeps you on your toes and forces you to manage your time efficiently. When you know you only have like two hours to work on a track, you actually get more done in those two hours than sitting for a day or two just farting about in a studio.

America is a Different Monster!

RC: You went to America after being super keen to go over. Was it all you expected and more? Is there a better place to gig?

Haezer: America is a different monster. You watch so many movies based in America that by the time you get there you think you know the place. It’s the opposite. The sheer size of the place is very intimidating. The shows were cool, but it was a super short tour so I hope to go back again sometime.

RC: Looking forward to your set at this year’s Halloween 2018. Make it scary…but in a good way.

Haezer: BOO!

Halloween 2018 in Pretoria Tickets:

R120 (EARLY MONSTER) Open on 14 August with limited availability.
R180 (PRE-SOLD) Open when Early Monster sells out.
R250 (DOOR) Available at the door on the day of event *if pre-solds do not sell out.

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Halloween 2018 in Pretoria

Terms and Conditions:

✘ No persons under the age of 18 
✘ Illegal substances
✘ Weapons/Firearms
✘ Cooler boxes
✘ Pets/Animals (Excluding guide dogs)
✘ Alcohol (Will be on sale at the venue)
✘ Food/snacks (Will be on sale at the venue)
✘ Beverages (Will be on sale at the venue)
✘ No seating gear/folding chairs/folding tables
✘ Any items deemed by security or management to be dangerous or disruptive
NO U18s