Coelacanth and The Blues Cruise

Coelacanth and The Blues Cruise:

Richard Chemaly (RC): I watched your interview on MixFM so I’m not going to spend 7 minutes discussing the origin of your name but how was it broadcasting from the lapa? Also, why was Andre the only one rock n’roll enough to rock shades indoors?

Coelacanth: It was a gas being there as always, little confession to make is that we were all a little bit drunk and that was probably why Andre forgot to take his shades off.

RC: You like the term “out-law”. Since none of us have uncle’s with moonshine in the shed here in South Africa, how do you exercise the gospel of Hank III?

Coelacanth: If we had to tell you the outlaw things we got up to, well then we wouldn’t be very good outlaws would we now?

Working for Charity:

RC: You ouens seem to be really into your charity work. Is the cash rolling in that hard that you need a tax break or are you just undercover good okes?

Coelacanth: Ag you know we try and help where we can if it is a cause we think makes sense. Tax, what is that? Outlaws don’t pay tax. We are great guys, possibly the best guys you will ever meet. We love helping old ladies with their shopping lists, rescuing cats from trees and tripping the electricity at trance parties.

RC: Seems you’re ambitiously setting out to put out an album before you set sail. As individuals with so many other bands and projects, what strategy do you employ to sync your schedules

Coelacanth: Hells teeth, we haven’t really thought about it but if you have any ideas please share them with us because we need to get this album recorded and online.

we can rock our tropical heat outfits without any judgment

RC: Since this is the first Blues Cruise, what are you most looking forward to? It’s the buffet, isn’t it?

Coelacanth: *Laughs* well I know some people who are dying to murder the buffet but I think what we are most excited about is that we can rock our tropical heat outfits without any judgment. Hell, I might even grow a ponytail and rock a goatee.

See Coelacanth at Mojo Rising Blues Cruise | 22 – 25 MARCH 2019

Come and live life on the water, singing the Blues under enchanting clear skies on the Mojo Rising Blues Cruise. Kids under 18 sail for free and tickets start at R5 735,00 – visit for bookings. Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!

Pay Deposit of R3000 only!
Final payment is required no later that 60 days before departure.

Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!
The Blues Cruise by Elio

The Blues Cruise by Elio