Majozi on Sophomore

Majozi Releases Sophomore Album

Majozi on Sophomore: “I chose to self-title the album because I don’t think people know exactly who I am; not only as an artist but mostly as a person. This album will hopefully give them a better idea of who I am.”

Putting fear aside and pushing himself creatively, Majozi’s new record is a Pop Soul offering into which he poured his heart and emotions. Honing his piano skills while trying different melodies and cadences, he also brushed up on his synth, keyboard and drum pad skills to deliver a record reflecting the fun he had recording it. He even picked up the old electric guitar again, which resulted in him becoming a Fender ambassador.

Majozi Sophomore

Majozi Sophomore, by Tyler Walker

Majozi on Sophomore and Making it the Music Business:

Richard Chemaly (RC): You’ve been big on the scene for a goodly 5 years now but probably been active a lot longer. At what point do you consider yourself to have made it in music?

Majozi: To be honest, I’ve never really considered that. I dunno If I’ll actually ever feel like if made it. I just really enjoy doing music and pushing myself as a person and musician. I like growing, creating and learning different things. As long as I keep doing that then I’m happy.

RC: When it comes to dropping new music, what’s pressure been like since your first album? Does doing it the second time round make it any easier?

There’s this concept called the “Sophomore Slump”

Majozi: There’s this concept called the “Sophomore Slump “. Artists first albums generally take a lifetime to create and the second album is done quickly afterward so sometimes the second isn’t as good as the first. So I guess if felt the pressure of making sure that doesn’t happen, but at the same time I’ve learned so much during the release of my first album. I really just tried to have fun and be creative, and not worry about all that too much. 

Majozi on what influences and inspires him:

RC: Coming from Durban, what influence has that had on your album?
Majozi: Not a huge amount if I’m honest. Except for some writing credits from Brad Klynsmith on “Waiting“. I live in Cape Town and even that doesn’t really affect my music that much. I guess I create my own world when it comes to music, and my influences aren’t in a place but rather many things.
RC: In the office, we’ve been laughing at the possibility of somebody booking Sho Madjozi and getting you or the other way round. What are the odds on you two collaborating on a prank like that?
Majozi: That’s hilarious. Haha, I’d be game. I can’t tell you how people have mailed my agent looking for Sho Madjozi.

The Sophomore:

RC: Now that the album is out, what are your hopes for it?
Majozi: It’s been a while since I released my last album so I’m really keen to see how people consume and receive these songs. I’m really proud of the project and it’s definitely different from my last project, but still me at the same time. I’m hoping too that it takes my career to the next level and that it moves people in a way I never even thought of.

A Pop-Up Container and Majozi Merch Store:

RC: When we spoke in June, you kept pretty tight-lipped about this album and only hinted that you’d consider doing one in the future. We discussed how singles seem to be the way forward. So, now that we’re talking again, what big plans have you been holding out on telling us.
MajoziHaha sorry. Gotta keep people guessing you know. We have some cool plans to do a different kinda album launch. We’re gonna do a pop up the container that travels to a few cities. It’s gonna be such a vibe. Merch. coffee, live shows, and other interesting things. Keep a lookout. 🙂 

Majozi Sophomore Track List:

1.   Dry The River
2.   Waiting
3.   Alright
4.   Darling Pt 2
5.   Somebody
6.   Friends
7.   Hey Girl
8.   I Want Your Love
9.   Arrest My Love
10. Lean On My Soul ft. Soweto Gospel Choir
11. Gwen Stacey

“I’ve been sitting with these songs for a while now, so I am very excited to get them out to the world. It is hopefully my most fun album to listen to so far, and fans can look forward to a few happy surprises!”

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