About Us

About Us is an online media company and brand that focuses on creating useful and reliable content about consumer and advanced technology for a modern online audience.

In a nutshell, to simply create cool tech content.

Editorial Manifesto

Focus. Passion. Clarity.

If someone had to step back from the current time and name the age in which we live, they may consider calling this, the age of content.

We’re flooded with incomprehensible volumes of fluff, chaff, noise, and blah blah blah every day, and frankly, we feel that it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Our goal when it comes to content is to change that, or at least, cut out the rubbish that floods your screens.

A promise, to provide you with content that passionately focuses on clarity.

When creates or publishes content, we need to align with our three core content principles: focus, passion, and clarity.

Wherever we create content, we should be asking ourselves; is this content focused on a specific goal, topic or idea? Do we have a passion for what we’re creating content for, is this the space that fills our lungs with air, and will that passion be translated into the work? Does that content provide clarity for our audience, does it inform or translate a topic or idea in a way that they can understand?

Why Six3two Exists?

Simply, and its predecessors, have always stood for a simple idea: to trigger a shift in thought, that creates a better world for all.

But, if we have to take over the world to initiate that trigger, so be it! About Us

Topics, for a lack of a better description, is a technology publisher. Focusing on consumer level and advanced technology and providing clarity around developments within that sphere.

However, to ensure that we’re providing the best content we can, we’ve invented a three-tier system, in which our content is categorized. This way, we can ensure good communication channels with our partner brands and agencies and assure the reach or engagement of some technology stories over others. Tier 1 would be a high reach, high conversation, where Tier 3 and lower would be highly niche.

Tier 1

This would be technology that has the potential to change the lives of every viewer or consumer on our publication, such as, new smartphone technology, virtual reality or experiential technology, or a manned mission to Mars.

Tier 2

Technology that on its own, may not change the lives of our audience or humanity, but are still worthy of remark. Here, we’d also find a bunch of consumer technology such as gaming technology and equipment, displays and laptop technology.

Tier 3

Well look, there’s new technology every day, that may not exactly be advanced, or consumer focus, but is still pretty cool, and that’s where you’ll find a new branded application or social network, maybe the recycling of copper into renewable fuel? Tier 3 doesn’t mean it’s less important, just less common.

While remains technology agnostic at the core, but not topically adverse. Conversations around developments in the F1 circuit may bleed in now and then, or the latest release of the Hellcats Album, maybe a new industry shifting open world VR game? There’s no limit to where we may experiment! We hope you’ll be along for the ride when we do delve into new ideas and provide us with your thoughts and feedback. About Us

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In an era where transparency, privacy, fair use and credit care primary conversation topics in the media and within the content creation space, we understand the need to be open and honest in everything we do.

When Six3two creates content around a specific topic or idea, there may be times where we need to do a bit more research to provide the best results to our audience, this may require us to use a secondary or tertiary source for content, news or information. These sources will always be referenced in the body of our work and linked (if possible) to the original piece of work. Should the creator or publisher or source, request not to be referenced, we will respect their wishes and protect their and their assets identity.

If in the event, creative: in any visual or audio medium, is used within our own content, that creator or publisher would and should be contacted prior to the publishing of our body of work, for approval of use and clarity on credentials for reference within the body of our work and or content.

Press and Media Releases may also receive news and media releases from brand representatives. This type or source of content will be indicated within the body of work, that the content itself is in fact edited or drafted by a third-party brand representative or the brand itself, should the content itself not be edited by staff before publishing. takes responsibility for all content published on its online platform:, as such, all press or media releases are vetted for validity and viability for the platform, to ensure that our core values, goals, ethics and identity are maintained.

We do not pay sources. About Us

Sponsorship and Disclosure:

As an online media publisher and platform, some of our social media and online channels have developed a measure of peer-to-peer influence.

According to Wikipedia, Influencer Marketing can be defined as follows: Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

As a platform, we promise the following:

    1. If, any of it’s social media or online channels or writers, and editor: Brett Magill, are engaged with a sponsorship with a brand, the fact of that sponsorship will be mentioned in the piece of creative, to ensure clarity and maintain trust with our audience and broader community, it’s only fair right, you should know if we intend on selling you anything. However, if we don’t mention it, and you’d like to know if we are indeed sponsored to create a piece of content, simply ask, we’ve got nothing to hide.
    2. Regarding an indication: social media posts/creative, will include either of the following tags to indicate paid brand sponsorship: #Ad #Sponsored #Paid.
    3. I (Brett Magill) or any creators with are sometimes sent gear or products to review for our platform, and most of the time, these products are returned unless otherwise gifted by that brand or company, that of which, will be mentioned in the creative where the product is used. If you ever have any doubt, just ask.

As with our core principles, we do believe in clarity with our content, as well as with our audience, we believe in complete transparency where ever possible.

With more and more influencers and publications providing more clarity on their sources of income, content, and products, we will adapt our own sponsorship policies to follow suit.

For any questions regarding sponsorship or previous content on brands, please contact us at